Our Electric Services

We offer free advice with no obligation, and are pleased to discuss your requirements.

Access Control

Door Entry Systems installed, auto and manually controlled for support when needed Intercoms, video or just audio allowing the user to see or hear the caller before answering the door.

Additional Circuits, or points

We will carry out any work you require from changing a standard plastic socket to a chrome finish throughout the property, to a circuit for a shower / cooker / sockets / lighting / garage / external / etc.

Condensation Control

Whole House Ventilation Systems providing improved air quality heat recovery and energy efficiency with the aim of aiding condensation and dampness problems, and assisting with pollutants in the home. Single extractor units for the kitchen or bathroom to aid condensation issues.


Eco Friendly / Digital / Bathroom / Storage / Programmers / Immersion / General Downflow heaters in a cold bathroom provide almost instant heat on a cold morning. A repair or replacement to a part that you know is in need of attention.


Smoke / Heat / Carbon Monoxide / Intruder You may have thoughts for a detector in a location you deem necessary, or an additional to existing for added security or peace of mind.


Adaptation to existing or simply replacing that old light fitting with the one that's caught your eye.

Fault finding

Should it be that you can not locate a fault, our trained and experienced electricians can diagnose and repair most faults within one visit. You may of lost power to your home or a circuit for various reasons from planned maintenance by your supplier to a single switch tripping while using an electrical appliance. If you have lost power other than knowledge by planned maintenance, you may have tripped the system. This may well be only one circuit which has tripped; check first if the lights or sockets still work and see if either will reset, if not you may need to have the system checked for a wiring fault.

General repairs

Should it be that you require a socket or switch fixing or replacing, a repair to a light fitting, or simply renewing, we are more than pleased to oblige.


Testing and Inspection work can be carried out to your requirements, from a simplified visual inspection guide which may help with your future planning, to a technical report required for purchase and sales.

Condition Reports

  • House Buying Check / Guide
  • Landlords Certification
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarms

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